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Hello, and welcome to HomeSelfDefenseWeapons.com. Where you can find the best survival skills training tips and tools, non-lethal personal defense weapons, and tactical weapons that could save your life one day.

The Story Behind HomeSelfDefenseWeapons.com

My name is Donald Smith and I am the author of HomeSelfDefenseWeapons.com. For much of my childhood my father taught me that a man must always know how to be self-reliant. There is nothing we need that the wilderness can not provide for us. So, I spent most of my days trekking through the woods in a small town called Elliot, MS., just outside of Grenada, MS. I spent my spare time connecting with nature. Learning about the local wildlife and their habits. If I wasn’t in the woods, I was reading about plants and studying about old herbal medicines. The likes of which, have been forgotten and buried by western medicine.

After learning a few things. I realized one undeniable truth. People have become too dependent on society to provide their needs. Keep in mind I was 15 when I came to this conclusion and back than, there was no such thing as the internet or much of the technology that is here today. We thrive and survive on technology in today’s world so much. That if there was a major catastrophe and an entire country loses power indefinitely, “Which is very possible.”. The death tolls would be staggering. And this all because the majority of the population will not have the knowledge which has been lost or they have not been educated on the survival technology which we have today.

This is Why we Started HomeSelfDefenseWeapons.com

We want every visitor that comes to our site to be able to leave here better educated and prepared for any scenario which may come their way. We want to empower you to have the ability to survive any bad situation. Regardless if it is a major terrorist event, or if it is a natural disaster and there is no sign of any real help from the government. We want you to have the power to survive.

HomeSelfDefenseWeapons.com Mission Statement

We are committed to providing only the best survival training tips, techniques, and armaments. Which we have learned of from some of the best names in the field. Our promise to you is that we truly care about educating the public about self-preservation and survival. Only true and accurate survival tips, home defense weapons, and tools are ever shared on our site.
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more then happy to help you out.

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