Stun Master Stun Guns for Sale

The Stun Master® stun gun has been one of the most trusted names in the stun gun industry for many years now. Which cannot be said for most of the stun guns on the market today. Stun Master® stun guns are strong, reliable, and are backed by the Stun Master® Lifetime Warranty. Should you encounter any defects in your stun gun. Stun Master® will send you a new one.

Using Stun Master® stun guns is very simple and they perform very well. The low amperage shock they give is what makes them so effective. People are sometimes misguided into thinking that the higher the voltage of a stun gun. The more effective they are. This could not be further from the truth. Volts can not kill you. It is the amperage of the discharge that will kill you. One amp will kill someone.

Stun Master® stun guns only have between 3-6 milliamps. Just enough to incapacitate an attacker without doing any permanent damage. These stun guns are Non-Lethal, yet extremely effective home self defense products..

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